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In accordance with Florida Law, ALL BAIL AGENCIES shall collect a monetary fee called the BAIL PREMIUM, at a rate of 10%; the minimum fee on any bond is $100. Financing Plan(s) are available!

State Appeal Bonds are used to secure the release of a defendant from their sentence pending their appeal. Appeal Bonds are treated just like State Bonds; however, the defendant must vigorously prosecute their defense and surrender when ordered by the court.

In accordance with Federal Law, ALL BAIL AGENCIES shall collect a Bail Premium at a rate of 12%. The U.S. District Courts MUST approve the bond before it can be posted. U.S. Magistrates require that ALL FEDERAL BONDS be collateralized in some way. Immigration Bonds do not necessarily have to be collateralized in order to be posted.

Cash Bonds must be paid directly to the jail; you must pay 100% of the cash bond or purge, in order for the inmate to be released. Jails will ONLY accept said payment in cash - no credit cards or checks are accepted. *WARNING*: when the defendant's case is closed, all court fees, fines, and probation costs shall be deducted from the Cash Bond; any money left over will be returned to the depositor.

A Writ of Bodily Attatchment, or child support warrant, is ALWAYS A CASH BOND! Cash Bonds must be paid to the jail; you must pay 100% of the cash bond or purge, in order for the inmate to be released. Bondsmen cannot help with this type of charge.


Juan's Bail Bonds is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to secure the release of your friend or loved one AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

In the event you need notary services we'll be here. You must bring your Driver License or State Issued I.D. in order for us to provide this service.

We can conduct Warrant Checks for you or someone you may know. Allow us to assist you with an active warrant. We'll provide walk through services once you have a bond.

As a courtesy to the defendant and their families, we take the extra step of reaching out and locating the family or friends of the defendant. This not only brings relief, but it also cuts back on the length of time the defendant spends in jail.

We offer SkipTrace services to other bail bond agencies or a bail bondsman who are licensed under the same insurance company as Juan's Bail Bond Inc. (A. Juan's Bail Bonds). If you are interested in learning more about our skiptrace service, please get in touch with us with your contact info.

After being arrested or spending time in jail, your loved one or friend may find themselves wondering how they can move forward. At Juan's Bail Bond Inc. (A. Juan's Bail Bonds), we offer directional counseling services that aid you in the transition after that experience. We'll help you find reliable legal counsel that will help you through this stressful time.