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One Agency - Two Locations

Juan's Bail Bonds
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Sanford, FL 32773
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A.Juan's Bail Bonds
620 East New York Ave.
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DeLand, FL 32724
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The Bail Bonding Process

1. Locate
Llocate a Bail Bonding Agents in FL at A. Juan's Bail Bond Inc.. We provide bail bonds in Daytona Beach, Sanford and Orlando. Plus bail bonding in all Florida Counties.

2. Contact the Bail Bond Agents in Florida
We have bail bond agents in the Daytona Beach area, Sanford and most Florida counties.

3. Information
You'll have to provide pertinent information about your friend/relative who is detained, including the following:
· What is the person's full legal name?
· What is the person's date of birth?
· Which agency is the arresting agency (City Police, etc)?
· Which county / city / state is the person being detained?
· What is the booking number?
· What is the charge?
· How much is the bail amount?
(The Bail bondsman may also ask of some other information about the arrested individual's history, including prior arrests, residency information and prior where were they employed.)

4. Payment
You'll have to provide the Bail bond Agency with a percentage of the total bail amount. (usually between 12-15% based upon the amount of the bail bond)

5. Contact
The Bailbond Agent will contact the jail and determine the exact bail information and arrange to have your loved one released.

6. Arrangements
Your Bail Bond Agent will contact you as soon as arrangements have been completed.

7. Availability
You must stay readily available. Your Bail Bond Agent will probably need to contact you several times during the bail process, so you will need to provide them with a phone number where they can reach you. They may also need you to provide them with a fax number. (A great deal of grocery stores, office supply stores, and copy centers offer fax services.)

8. Please have patience
Many detention facilities are very slow in processing as they are having to manage many other similar matters.